The Beginning.

With each passing day the pull gets stronger. The pull to escape the constructed expectations within society, which create a sequential order of events in our lives. 

I want to live in the woods. I want to be surrounded by trees and I want my home to be warmed by a wood burning fireplace. I want to read more. To bake more. I want to hike more. And camp. And travel. I want to work for myself, and no one else. And I don’t want to call it work. I want the passion for what I do to ooze out of me. I want each day to be filled with moments that are the perfect example of why I do the “work” that I do. I want to live the life that I’m striving to inspire in others. I want to lead by example. 

I don't want to follow the pattern.

The Beginning. 

It started as inspiration. It grew into thoughts. Then brainstorming. It became a name. And then a sketchbook full of drawings and ideas. Then the logo emerged. From there it propelled into the beginning of what is Wild Pine Supply Co. 

The root of this passion runs so deep even I can’t fully describe it in words yet. I just know it’s the beginning of my new life. It’s not just going to be what I do. It will also be who I am, the choices I make, the values I believe in, and the adventures that fill my soul.

The Logo Means Everything.

At first glance the logo is just an image. But if you look more closely it’s means much more.

The crest represents adventure. We see it on the trails. We remember it from Scouts and Brownies.

The three mountains represent past, present, and future.

That star isn’t just any star, it’s the North Star.  It is the light that guides us. It also represents that Wild Pine Supply Co. is a proud Canadian company. #truenorthstrongandfree

The lone pine, that wild pine…it represents you. You are on your own individual journey. You walk this earth following your own feet and it is unique to you. You are a Wild Pine.

The Dream.

The dream was to start a brand that would mean something to people. The apparel would be comfortable, people would be inspired by the designs, but most importantly it would signify a lifestyle. A lifestyle of connection to nature. The hope is that the line will inspire people to get outside, go exploring, have adventures, and give back to the wilderness.

Whether it’s laying in the grass with bare feet, kayaking down raging rapids, climbing to summits, or camping your weekends away, I want to inspire you to get outdoors and unplug from the modern world. Nature gives us the gift of adventure, pushes us beyond our comfort zones, and reminds us to live in the moment.  Right now this apparel line is small, but mighty, and the goal is to inspire you to get outside and experience all of the magic that this planet has to offer.

The Roots.

Maybe I need to get a little more personal. I really want all of you to understand why this brand has come to life. I want you to feel like you can connect to it and to believe in the power of its intention. 

I was born a city kid. Lots of people, lots to do, not a lot of nature. There was the odd summer, and I mean maybe three or four of them by the time I hit my 18th birthday, where I got to go camping. At least two of those trips were in southern Alberta with my grandpa. He camped the right way. He was a military man and knew all about survival. In my eyes, nothing scared him and he could survive anything. You see, my grandfather would spend his summer in the forest…four months of every year. His camp was set up in a way that made me believe we could have survived there all year round, including the cold Canadian winters. He would rig up a hose to the river that was attached to metal piping that he would heat with a torch, which then ran to the shower head that he had attached to a tree. If you’ve never had a hot shower in the middle of the forest, add it to the list! He would build an outhouse down the way. There was a fridge, cots, bunkbeds, multiple tents, quads, fishing rods, campfire stories, and everything else that was necessary for survival in the wilderness. And lets not forget about his La-Z-Boy chair! I will never forget those camping trips with him. It taught me so much…how to fish, how to ride a quad, how to catch grasshoppers, that bears get too close sometimes, and how to be completely free.

The True Shift.

I think I was seventeen the last time I got to go camping with him. After that life got busier. I went to post-secondary, started working more, and my grandpa moved across the country. I was able to start traveling once I started making some money. As more time passed I started to feel the pull to get away from the city. This was foreign to me because I always thought that I needed a big city to entertain me, to help me feel fulfilled. But it was during a road trip with a friend down the coast from Vancouver, Canada to California and Arizona that I started to really notice the different vibes I felt between the city and the true outdoors. We spent half of our time staying in hostels and hotels and half of it camping in different places. I really started to notice how much better I felt being away from the lights and noise. I felt free, I felt alive...and I was calm. After that trip I really started to notice this constant pull towards nature. I started to feel it all day, every single day. And it hasn’t left me since.


We live in this world full of deadlines, gadgets, and noise. But there is a shift happening. People are starting to turn back to nature, back to their roots. I know there are so many of you out there that feel the same way I do. Those of us who want “adventurer” to be on our resume, and nothing else. So...take that trip, climb that mountain, and paddle those rapids. Spend your days among the trees. You can start in your own backyard. You'll be amazed at what you find when you go exploring!

Thank you to those of you who have joined me on this journey and welcome to those of you who are joining us now.

Stay Wild.